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Softpro's AutoCAD and STAAD.Pro course package aims at giving expert-level knowledge to the Trainees which leads them to become highly skilled in their software knowledge with the use of the trending software in Civil Engineering.

You will Learn:
Basics of AutoCAD, Drafting tools, Dimensioning tools, Layer Tools, Building plans, Analysis and Design of Beams, Slab and Columns, Framed Structure, RCC Structure, Stair cases, Steel Structures, Water Retaining Structures, Bridges, Foundations.

Training Includes:

AutoCAD 2D modelling

Modelling of Structures

Complete Structural Design

Mini Projects

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  Course Curriculum

Starting the Software
User Interface
Working with Commands
Cartesian Workspace
Opening an Existing Drawing File
Viewing Your Drawing
Saving Your Work

Drawing Lines
Erasing Objects
Drawing Lines with Polar Tracking
Drawing Rectangles
Drawing Circles
Undo and Redo Actions
Using Running Object Snaps
Using Object Snap Overrides
Polar Tracking at Angles
Object Snap Tracking

Selecting Objects for Editing
Moving Objects
Copying Objects
Rotating Objects
Scaling Objects
Mirroring Objects
Editing with Grips

Creating New Drawings with Templates
What are Layers?
Layer States
Changing an Object’s Layer

Drawing Arcs
Drawing Polylines
Editing Polylines
Drawing Polygons
Drawing Ellipses

Working with object Properties
Measuring Objects
Advanced Editing Commands
Trimming and Extending Objects
Sketching Objects
Creating Fillets and Chamfers
Offsetting Objects
Creating Arrays of Objects

What are Blocks?
Inserting Blocks
Working with Dynamic Blocks
Inserting Blocks with DesignCenter
Inserting Blocks with Content Explorer

Printing Concepts
Working in Layouts
Copying Layouts
Creating Viewports
Guidelines for Layouts

Working with Annotations
Adding Text in a Drawing
Modifying Multiline Text
Formatting Multiline Text
Adding Notes with Leaders to Your Drawing
Creating Tables
Modifying Tables

Editing Hatches
Dimensioning Concepts
Adding Linear Dimensions
Adding Radial & Angular

Calculating Shear Force and Bending Moment values for various supports and load types
Introduction toSTAAD.Pro V8i
STAAD Editor

Global Vs Local
Creating a New Project in STAAD.Pro
Model Generation
Creating Nodes & Members
Select Menu

Translational Repeat
Circular Repeat
Insert Node
For a Single Member
For Multiple Members
Add Beam
Point to Point
Between Midpoints
Perpendicular Intersection
Curved Member

Connect Beams Along
Stretch Selected Members
Intersect Selected Members
Merge Selected Members
Creating Models by using Structure Wizard

Member Property Specification
Member Offset
Material Specification
Group Specification

Creating a Primary Load
Adding Selfweight
Nodal Load
Member Load
Uniform Force and Moment
Concentrated Force and Moment
Linear Varying Load
Trapezoidal Load
Hydrostatic Load
Pre/Post Stress
Area Load
Floor Load
Wind Load
Creating Load Combination
Automatic Load Combination
Edit Auto Load Rules
Moving Load Reference Load
Repeat Load

Perform Analysis
Overview of Output
Pre-analysis Print
Post-analysis Print
Inactive or Delete Specification
General Guidelines for Design
Concrete Design in STAAD.Pro
Column Design
Beam Design
RC Designer
Beam Design
Column Design

Standards for Earthquake Design
General Principals for Earthquake Design
Finding the Lateral Force (manual calculation)
Finding the Lateral Force by using STAAD.Pro
Dynamic Analysis
Response Spectrum Analysis
Cylindrical and Cylindrical Reverse Co-ordinate Systems

FEM Modelling in STAAD.Pro
Snap Plate
Add Plate
Create Infill Plates
Generate Surface Meshing
Generate Plate Mesh
Member Truss
Creating FEM models by using Structure Wizard
Adding Plate Thickness
Plate Load
Pressure on Full Plate
Concentrated Load
Pressure Load
Trapezoidal Load
Hydrostatic Load
Element Joint Load

Water Tank Design
Slab Design
One-way Slab
Two-way Slab
Staircase Design
Shear wall Modelling and Design
Solid Modelling and Analysis

Cable Member Specification
Tension / Compression Specification
Table Member Property
Steel Design in STAAD.Pro
Interactive Steel Design
Design of Overhead Transmission Line Towers
Pushover Analysis

Isolated Footing
Combined / Strip Footing Tool Kit
Isolated Footing
Combined Footing
Mat Foundation
Pile Cap Design

Report Setup
Plotting from STAAD.Pro
Final Project


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