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Revit Training in Lucknow and Noida

Softpro India is one the best Platform for Revit Training in Lucknow and Noida. The training is held under the guidance of highly experienced Industrial professionals for quality Performance.

Softpro's Revit Training Program aims at giving expert-level knowledge to the Trainees, which leads them in sharping their career in the field of Structural Engineering & Analysis with CAD applications.

You will Learn:
Basics & Introduction to CAD, Introduction to Revit Software & Types, Interface, Product Life Cycle & Management, Drafting tools, Analysis and Design of Spare & Drawing Resource and Structural Graphics, Construction Data Analysis & Reports, Slab and landscape development., Relatable Industrial level Projects, Experiments & Future Options

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4,000 trainees from 250+ Colleges

Industry standard projects and assignments

Curriculum by experts
Designed by top professionals with 10+ years of experience

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Why enrol for Revit course?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be around 43% growth in new jobs for
AutoCAD professionals by 2026

Avail upto Rs 14,500* from Government of India (GOI) incentives after successfully clearing the mandatory NASSCOM Assessment

The national average salary of CAD Engineers is about 6 Lakhs per annum according to
Industrial International Research

Why Revit From Softpro!

   Live & Interactive Sessions

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Revit Certification Training Benefits

Revit is a highly popular structural engineering tool. There is large requirement of skilled Engineers in Automation & CAD/CAM Sectors. Softpro's Training is a combination of Expert Guidance and Skill based learning to boost the development of CAD job aspirants. This Training course from Softpro is held under nurture & guidance of Industrial Experts, will surely teach you the essential concepts from scratch, and will help in launching your dream career in this domain.

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  Course Curriculum

1.1 BIM and Autodesk Revit
1.2 Overview of the Interface
1.3 Starting Projects
1.4 Viewing Commands
Practice 1a Open and Review a Project

2.1 Using General Sketching Tools
2.2 Editing Elements
Practice 2a Sketch and Edit Elements
2.3 Working with Basic Modify Tools
Practice 2b Work with Basic Modify Tools
2.4 Working with Additional Modify Tools
Practice 2c Work with Additional Modify Tools

3.1 Setting Up Levels
Practice 3a Set Up Levels
3.2 Creating Structural Grids
3.3 Adding Columns
3.4 Linking and Importing CAD Files
Practice 3b Add Structural Grids and Columns

4.1 Modeling Walls
4.2 Modifying Walls
Practice 4a Model the Exterior Shell
Practice 4b Add Interior Walls

5.1 Inserting Doors and Windows
Practice 5a Insert Doors and Windows
5.2 Loading Door and Window Types from the Library
5.3 Creating Additional Door and Window Sizes
Practice 5b Load and Create Door Types

6.1 Creating Curtain Walls
6.2 Adding Curtain Grids
Practice 6a Work with Curtain Walls
6.3 Working with Curtain Wall Panels
6.4 Attaching Mullions to Curtain Grids
Practice 6b Add Mullions and Panels to Curtain Walls

7.1 Setting the View Display
7.2 Duplicating Views
Practice 7a Duplicate Views and Set the View Display
7.3 Adding Callout Views
Practice 7b Add Callout Views
7.4 Creating Elevations and Sections
Practice 7c Create Elevations and Sections

8.1 Adding Components
8.2 Modifying Components
Practice 8a Add Components

9.1 Modeling Floors
Practice 9a Model Floors
9.2 Creating Shaft Openings
9.3 Creating Sloped Floors
Practice 9b Create Shaft Openings and Sloped Floors

10.1 Modeling Ceilings
10.2 Adding Ceiling Fixtures
Practice 10a Model Ceilings and Add Ceiling Fixtures
10.3 Creating Ceiling Soffits

11.1 Modeling Roofs
11.2 Creating Roofs by Footprint
Practice 11a Create Roofs by Footprint
11.3 Establishing Work Planes
11.4 Creating Roofs by Extrusion
Practice 11b Create Roofs by Extrusion

12.1 Creating Component Stairs
12.2 Modifying Component Stairs
Practice 12a Create Component Stairs
12.3 Working with Railings
Practice 12b Modify and Add Railings
12.4 Creating Ramps
Practice 12c Create Ramps

13.1 Setting Up Sheets
13.2 Placing and Modifying Views on Sheets
Practice 13a Create Construction Documents
13.3 Printing Sheets

14.1 Working with Dimensions Modifying Dimensions
Practice 14a Work with Dimensions
14.2 Working With Text
14.3 Adding Detail Lines and Symbols
Practice 14b Annotate Construction Documents
14.4 Creating Legends
Practice 14c Create Legends

15.1 Adding Tags
Practice 15a Add Tags
15.2 Adding Rooms and Room Tags
Practice 15b Add Rooms and Room Tags
15.3 Working with Schedules
Practice 15c Work with Schedules

16.1 Setting Up Detail Views
16.2 Adding Detail Components
16.3 Annotating Details
Practice 16a Create a Detail Based on a Section Callout
Practice 16b Create a Detail in a Detail View
16.4 Keynoting and Keynote Legends
Practice 16c Create an Additional Detail
Practice 16d Create a Detail Based on a CAD File


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