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Softpro India provides the best MERN STACK in Lucknow . We are proud that your support and candidates result has made us the leading and the best MERN STACK training institute in Lucknow We offers the amazing training on MERN STACK under guidance of highly experienced IT professionals.

Softpro's MERN course aims at giving expert-level knowledge to the Trainees which leads them to become highly skilled in programming with the use of the highly technical frameworks.

You will Learn:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Core Java, Advanced Java, Servlet, Packages, Multi-threading, Applets, Exception Handling, Collection Framework, JSP, etc

5/5 Ratings
6,000 trainees from 250+ Colleges in ST - 2022

Industry standard projects and assignments

Curriculum by experts
Designed by top professionals with 10+ years of experience

Why enrol for MERN STACK course?

MERN Stack developers are in demand because they are needed for creating applications using the MERN Stack.

Accenture, Rackspace, Tesla, Nokia, Zynga & many other MNC's worldwide use MERN Stack across industries.

Mern Stack Developer salary in India ranges between
₹ 1.2 Lakhs to ₹ 11.8 Lakhs

Why become a MERN STACK developer?

The Indian IT/ITeS Industry added 1.4 lakh jobs in 2020 and will continue to add around 30 lakh jobs by

Full Stack Developers, Back End Developers, and JavaScript Developers are listed in the Top 10 Emerging Jobs by Linkedin India.

Average starting salary for Full Stack Developers starts at 6-9 LPA and increases based on

Full Stack Developers are the most in-demand Software Developers followed by Back End Developers and Front End developers.

Technologies You Will Master Hands On

  Course Curriculum

Introduction to C Why C? Pre-requisites of C Program Structure Input and Output in C Flow Controls Decision Controls Loop Controls Concept of Array Concept of String Function in C Pointers in C Structure and Union Dynamic memory allocation Data Structures Stack Queue Tree Linked List Sorting Techniques Searching Techniques

UI Developer roles and responsibilities
UX designer roles
Technologies needed
Power of UI
Current market requirements on UI
Basic Technologies needed
Difference b/w Front end and Backend
Sample Web Pages
Crawling and Meta tags

Exploring existing pages
Browsers & Editors
Structure of HTML Page
Mandatory tags in html page(html, head, body)
Heading tags(H1…H6), Tags and attribute (Class, Id, style…etc)
Inline and block level elements
What is CSS
Different ways of applying CSS for elements, and Priority chain of CSS.
CSS Properties (color, font, size, border… etc.)
Box model
Margin & Padding
Positioning Elements
Floating Elements
More HTML Tags

Including external page links in page using Anchor tags and its properties
Working with row and column data using table tags
Hiding and un-hiding elements using display property
Img, Tag, p , Tag, Ul and Ol tags, li, hr
Layouts, Forms, Buttons
Input fields (textbox, radio button, checkbox, dropdown, text area etc)
Debugging HTML &CSS( Firebug, IE and Chrome developer tool)
Creating Tabs and menu lists
HTML 5 Features

Video Tag
Audio tag
More CSS Properties

Adding borders, fonts, Pseudo classes and Pesudo Elements
Positing elements (absolute, relative, fixed and static)
Image Spirting
Box model( margin, padding)
Floating elements(float left, right etc)
Including external resources
Absolute and Relative paths
Including external resources like CSS, images etc
Display Property(inline, block, inline block etc)
Display none and hidden elements
Form Elements

Get & Post Communication
Validating input values in a form
Form action and type
Working with CSS

Understanding Document Object Model, Introduction to style sheets, Introduction to style sheets, CSS Syntax, CSS Comments, The CSS Rules

Ways to work with CSS, External style sheet, Internal style sheet, Inline style, CSS Selectors

The element Selector, The id Selector, The class Selector, Grouping Selectors, The CSS Cascade

Background Color, Background Image, Background Image – Repeat Horizontally or Vertically, Background Image – Set position and no-repeat, CSS Fonts & Typography

CSS Font Families, Font Style, Font Size, Text Color, Text Alignment, Text Decoration, Text Transformation, Working with Links and List

Styling Links, Common Link Styles, List Item Markers, Image as The List Item Marker, Working with Table

Table Borders, Collapse Borders, Table Width and Height, Text Alignment, Table Padding, Table Color, CSS Color and Positioning

Table Color, Web colors, hex colors, Color tools, CSS Box Model

Working with Content, Working with Padding, Working with Border, Working with Margin, CSS Display and Positioning

CSS Display and Visibility, How Elements Float, Turning off Float – Using Clear, Static Positioning, Fixed Positioning, Relative Positioning, Absolute Positioning, BOOTSTRAP, Working with Bootstrap3

Bootstrap History , Why Bootstrap, Embedding Bootstrap in to page, Bootstrap Grid System

Importance of Grid System, Grid Classes, Bootstrap Stacked/Horizontal, Bootstrap Grid Small, Bootstrap Grid Medium, Bootstrap Grid Large, Bootstrap Grid Examples, Bootstrap Text/Typography, Working with Text, Working with Contextual Colors and Backgrounds, Bootstrap Images , Rounded Corners, Circle, Thumbnail, Bootstrap Jumbotron

Inside Container, Outside Container, Bootstrap Buttons

Button Styles, btn-default, btn-primary, btn-success, btn-info, btn-warning, btn-danger, btn-link, Button Sizes, btn-lg, btn-md, btn-sm, btn-xs, Active/Disabled Buttons, BS Button Groups

Vertical Button Groups, Nesting Button Groups & Drop Down Menus, Bootstrap Glyphicons

Glyphicon Syntax, Badges, Progress Bars, Bootstrap Pagination

Basic Pagination, Active State, Disabled State, Pagination Sizing, Bootstrap Pager, Bootstrap List Groups, Bootstrap Forms, Bootstrap Inputs, Bootstrap Carousel, Bootstrap Plugins

Overview, Transition Plugin, Collapsible Plugin, Modal Dialog Plugin, Dropdown Plugin, Scrollspy Plugin, Tab Plugin, Tooltip Plugin, Popover Plugin, Alert Plugin, Button Plugin, Carousel Plugin, Affix Plugin, Bootstrap 4, Card, Spinner, Badge, New Gird System, Input group

Where To, Output, Syntax, Statements, Comments, Variables, Operators, Arithmetic, Assignment, Data Types, Functions, Objects, Scope, Events, Strings, String Methods, Numbers, Number Methods, Math, Dates, Date Formats, Date Methods, Arrays, Array Methods, Booleans, Comparisons, Conditions, Switch, Loop For, Loop While, Break, Type Conversion, Errors, Debugging, Hoisting, Strict Mode, Style Guide, Best Practices, Mistakes, Performance, Reserved Words, Forms, Forms Validation, ES6 Javscript,

Arrow function, Class, Rest, Spread, Map, Filter, Tranpile, Async/await, Adv.Javscript,

Inheriting Static Object using proto, Inheriting using Object.create(), Javascript Classes, Prototyping, Inheritance using prototyping, Global and local variables, Securing Data using Clousures, Exception Handling

JQuery Library, First JQuery Example, The Document Ready Function, How to escape a special character, jQuery – Selectors, Basic Selectors, Precise Selectors, Combination of Selectors, Hierarchy Selectors, Selection Index Filters, Visibility Filters, Forms Selectors, Forms Filters, Find Dropdown Selected Item, jQuery – Document Traversal, Getting a specific DOM element, jQuery – Event, Events Helpers Attach Event, Detaching Events, Events Triggering, Live Events, jQuery – Effects, jQuery – HTML Manipulation, jQuery – UI, AJAX, Advantages with Ajax and its limitations, Samples working with Ajax, Different data formats used in AJAX, XML and JSON difference, Cross domain interactions using JSONP

Getting started with Node.Js application
Working with Node.Js Packages (NPM), Creating a Node.Js application, Writing Data to the console, Creating a Node.Js Packaged Module, Publishing a Node.js Packaged Module to NPM Registry, Working with Events, Timers &Callbacks in Node.Js,

Adding work to the Event Queue, Implementing Callbacks, Handling I/O in Node.js

Buffers, Working with JSON Data, Compressing & Decompressing Data with Zlib, Accessing the File System

Opening & Closing Files, Writing Files, Reading Files, Synchronous vs Asynchronous File System Calls, Other FS Tasks, Verifying Path Existence, Getting File Info, Listing Files, Deleting file, Creating & Deleting Directories, Renaming Files & Directories, Implementing HTTP Services

Creating a simple HTTP Server, Understanding URLs, Processing Querystring and Parameters, Serving static files with HTTP Server, Implementing dynamic GET Servers, Implementing POST Servers, ExpressJs – The Middleware, Installing ExpressJs, Creating a simple Hello World Express App, The express generator, Routing, Writing Middleware, Error Handling, EJS / JADE – Template to create Views, Building a Data Model with MongoDB & Mongoose

MongoDB – Introduction, Mapping of SQL Knowledge to MongoDB, CRUD Operations in MongoDB (using MongoDB Shell), Connecting express app to MongoDB, Defining Simple Mongoose Schema, Writing REST APIs Using Express

The rules of a REST API, Setting up the API in Express, Handling CRUD Operations to MongoDB using Mongoose, Consuming REST API

How to call an API from Express, Handling the CRUD Operations to MongoDB by consuming the Express API, Modifying Views to display data, Managing Authentication and User Sessions

Creating a user schema for MongoDB, with password encryption, Creating an authentication API with Passport, Securing relevant API endpoints, Managing User Sessions, Testing Node Servers

Unit Testing with Mocha, Deploy App on Docker and Nginx


Softpro’s MERN STACK Professional Certificate

120 Days ETP Program

120 Days 1 on 1 Classroom Program
7 Capstone Projects
Career Counselling
15 Micro Skills Projects

Rs 25000 +GST

Fees can be paid in two installments of Rs 15000 and Rs 10000