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Embedded Systems & Robotics

Softpro India provides best Embedded Systems Training in Lucknow. We are proud that with proper support and candidate's performance, it made us the leading and one of the best Embedded Systems training institute in Lucknow. We offer amazing training on Embedded Systems under the guidance of Industrial Experts.

The goal of the Softpro’s embedded system course is to teach the concepts of C Language, machine development with AVR architecture and peripheral interfacing of standard and popular microcontrollers. The course focuses on developing Industrial Purpose Projects and to develop fruitful outcome for the candidates and the technology.

You will Learn:
Electrical/Electronics Basics, Electronic Devices, Resistors & Color Coding, Circuit Simulation & PCB Designing, Digital Electronic & Systems, Introduction to AVR Micro-controllers Microcontrollers interfacing with Electronic Devices, Wireless Transmitters & Receivers, DTMF Technology, Interfacing with Arduino Family Microcontrollers

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Why enrol for Embedded Systems course?

According to International Market Research, Embedded System market size is expected to reach USD 116.2 billion by 2025. There will be around 11.5 million new jobs for Embedded Systems professionals by 2026

Avail upto Rs 14,500* from Government of India (GOI) incentives after successfully clearing the mandatory NASSCOM Assessment

Embedded Systems is a need of Engineers as its the technology which bridges electronics & digital systems to the New age technologies like ML & IoT. Candidates can seek for better opportunity in several advanced sectors

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Embedded Systems Certification Training Benefits

The amount of Embedded Systems jobs is growing at a rate of 30% every year with the requirement of professionals to deal it. Knowledge of Embedded Systems coupled with Embedded Systems programming skills opens up enormous opportunities for the Embedded System aspirants.
This Embedded Systems Course from Softpro is a Perfect Mixture of Absolute Knowledge, Industrial Exposure & Skill Development, Candidates learn the essential concepts from scratch and finally leads in enabling the launch to a dream career in this domain.

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  Course Curriculum

a. Voltage & Current Practical Approach
b. Resistors & Colour Coding
c. Diodes
d. Regulator ICs
e. Transistors
f. Power Supply
g. Motor & Motor Drivers
h. Relay & Relay Drivers
i. Wireless Transmitters & Receivers
j. DTMF Technology
h. Comparator IC And its application

a. Introduction to C Language
b. Data types, Variables
c. Conditional Statements
d. Looping Statements
e. Arrays
f. String
g. Function
h. Pointers

a. History and Need of Embedded Systems
b. Basic Components of Embedded Systems
c. Programming Language Classification of Embedded Systems

a. Difference between MCU & MPU
b. Classification of Microcontrollers
c. Types of Microcontrollers

a. Introduction to AVR Microcontrollers & Atmega16
b. GPIO Register of Atmega16

a. Introduction to LED
b. Interfacing Atmega16 with LED

a. Introduction to Seven segments & Types
b. Interfacing Atmega16 with Seven segments

a. Introduction to Switches
b. Interfacing Atmega16 with Switches
c. Interfacing with sensors, RF and DTMF

a. Introduction to Motors & Their Types
b. Interfacing Atmega16 with DC Motor
d. Interfacing with Stepper Motor
e. Interfacing With Servo Motor

a. Introduction to 16x2 LCD
b. LCD Commands
c. LCD Interfacing with Atmega16

a. Introduction to 8x8 Matrix Keypad
b. Interfacing Atmega16 With Matrix Keypad

a. Introduction to Temperature Sensor
b. Interfacing with Temperature Sensors
c. Introduction to Accelerometer

a. Introduction to serial communication & Parallel Communication
b. Why Serial Communication
c. Types of Serial Communication
d. Introduction & Interfacing with USART of Atmega16

a. Arduino & Interfacing (Arduino Library For Proteus)
b. Introduction to Raspberry Pi


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