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Arduino Certification Training

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This module of Softpro provides an introduction to the Arduino environment which is composed of three things: the Arduino board, the Arduino IDE, and the Arduino-compatible shields together with their libraries.

You will learn: Voltage & Current Practical Approach, Resistors & Colour Coding, Diodes, Regulator ICs, Transistors, Power Supply, Motor & Motor Drivers, Relay & Relay Drivers, Wireless Transmitters & Receivers, DTMF Technology, Comparator IC And its application

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Training Includes:

Basic Electronics

Simulation Techniques

Programming with Arduino

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Arduino Hardware Interfacing

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  Course Curriculum

a. Voltage & Current Practical Approach
b. Resistors & Colour Coding
c. Diodes
d. Regulator ICs
e. Transistors
f. Power Supply
g. Motor & Motor Drivers
h. Relay & Relay Drivers
i. Wireless Transmitters & Receivers
j. DTMF Technology
h. Comparator IC And its application

a. Configuring Arduino
b. Overview of Arduino Uno
c. Programming

a. Downloading of Arduino IDE
b. Installing of Arduino IDE
c. Interfacing Arduino with Laptop/PC
d. Sample Demo Test [Arduino Board Check]

a. Arduino Flavors
b. Arduino Uno Board Layout
c. Arduino Uno Pin Layout
d. Atmega328P Specifications

a. Interfacing LED
b. Interfacing Button
c. Interfacing Analog LED
d. Interfacing Analog LDR

a. Interfacing L293D
b. Interfacing LCD
c. Interfacing Serial
d. Interfacing EEPROM


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