Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Upskill yourself with the world's top-rated Softpro India AI. This Artificial Intelligence course online will help you learn Python, Predictive Analytics, ML, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing(NLP), Sequence Learning, etc. This AI certification course provides hands-on experience on 20+ industry projects, 100+ case studies. Propel your career towards a better job and salary with the most sought after expertise in the current landscape: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Skill Covered:
Programming languages, Data engineering, Exploratory data analysis, Models, Services, Deploying, Security, Rock AWS Machine Learning.

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1,350 trainees from 250+ Colleges

Industry standard projects and assignments

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Why enroll forArtificial Intelligence Training Course?

By 2024, 24% enterprises will shift to operationalizing AI, driving 5x increase in analytics infrastructures.

As per Gartner, Artificial Intelligence will create 23 lakh job openings by

An AI professional with 5+ years of experience is paid an average salary of Rs.35-50 LPA

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Artificial Intelligence Certification Training Benefits

After completing this Artificial Intelligence in AI courses, you will receive an industry-recognized AI Certification from the Softpro India.

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  Course Curriculum

Python Basics I
Python Basics II
Introduction to NumPy & Pandas
Data Preprocessing & Manipulation
Data Visualization
Doubt Clearing Session + End Course Test
Python for AI (Self-Paced)

Statistical Foundations
Inferential Statistics
Doubt Clearing Session + End Course Test
Predictive Analytics (Self-Paced)

Mid Program Project-1

Introduction to Deep Learning
Getting started with Tensorflow 2.0 with Tensor Board
Image Classification using CNN
TensorFlow Hub for Object Detection using Faster RCNN
Tensorflow for Deployment
Doubt Clearing Session + End Course Test
Real-time object detection using YOLO v4 (Self-paced)
Image Segmentation using Facebook Detectron 2.0 (Self-paced)
Data Tagging(VOTT) for Computer Vision (Self-paced)

Introduction to NLP with Spacy
Analyzing and Seggregating the News Headlines
Building a Resume Classifier
Building a intent based RASA Chatbot
NLP in Production
Doubt Clearing Session + End Course Test

Mid-Program Project 2

Module 1: Introduction to Sequence Learning
Module 2: RNN vs LSTM with Google Stock Price
Module 3: Sentiment Analysis on Zomato Reviews using LSTM
Module 4: Introduction to Transformer model
Module 5: BERT and GPT2 using Transformer
Module 6:Machine Translation with MT5 (Self-paced)
Module 7: Building a Question Answer prediction model using BERT (Self-paced)
Module 8: Doubt Clearing Session + End Course Test

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