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Full Stack Development Using MERN Stack

MERN stack is a collection of technologies that enables faster application development. It is used by developers worldwide. The main purpose of using MERN stack is to develop apps using JavaScript only. This is because the four technologies that make up the technology stack are all JS-based. Thus, if one knows JavaScript (and JSON), the backend, frontend, and database can be operated easily.
Softpro provides you an opportunity to work with the team of highly skilled Software Developers. The Full Stack Development Training in Lucknow provides the students with Industry exposure and to acquire adequate technical knowledge and know-how thereof. It provides an opportunity to the students to get exposed to a very large area of technology and its processes. We focus on making students well versed with the technologies by providing extensive hands on learning and practical experience on LIVE PROJECTS.
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MongoDB is a document database with the scalability and flexibility that you want with the querying and indexing that you need.
Express JS
Express is a minimal & flexible Node.js web application framework that provides a robust set of features for web & mobile applications.
React JS
React JS is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces based on UI components.
Node JS
Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast and scalable network applications.
About Softpro India

Softpro India is an ISO 9001:2015 company engaged in software development, automation and training.
1. Authorised Training Partners of Department of Technical Education, Government of Uttar Pradesh
2. Largest Learning Center of North India
3. 18+ years of expert experience in Training & Development
4. Trained 200000+ Students from 500+ Colleges across PAN India
5. Largest Training Infrastructure in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh - Lucknow
6. Experienced Consultants
7. Registered with UPDESCO to impart software development services in the government department of Uttar Pradesh

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Arjit Verma

Senior Full Stack Developer

About Consultant

Er. Arjit Verma is having engineering degree from one of the top engineering colleges of Uttar Pradesh. He is having an experience of 10+ years with big giants like Johnson & Johnson, HCL, American Express and many more as a Full Stack Developer. Currently he is associated with Softpro India as a consultant on futuristic technologies. He is having expertise on React JS, Node JS, React Native, Express JS, SQL & NoSQL Database.

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The Indian IT/ITeS Industry added 1.4 lakh jobs in 2020 and will continue to add around 30 lakh jobs by 2025.


Full Stack Developers, Back End Developers, and JavaScript Developers are listed in the Top 10 Emerging Jobs by Linkedin India.


Average starting salary for Full Stack Developers starts at 6-9 LPA and increases based on experience.


Full Stack Developers are the most in-demand Software Developers followed by Back End Developers and Front End developers.

One Stop Solution

Full Stack Developers are fully proficient developers who can work on an software assignment independently in all phases.

what we do

what you will get with us


Our Career Support


An e-portfolio is a snapshot of all the projects done and skills acquired during the program that is shareable across social media channels. This will help you establish your expertise to potential recruiters.

Interview Preparation

We help you build your resume to highlight your skills and your previous professional experience. You will also learn how to crack interviews with our interview preparation & soft skill sessions to make you employable.


Get access to career mentoring from industry experts who’ve transitioned to Full Stack Web Development roles. Benefit from their guidance on how to build a rewarding career in Full Stack.


After successful completion of the course our team will assure minimum 5 interviews with reputed IT companies and will also provide you guidance to excel the interviews and land your dream job.


Our Course Curriculum

Day 1 (Intro to web)

Basic (frontend, backend, Database , Core Technologies) + Github and Hosting

Day 2 (Intro to HTML)

Tags, Forms, emojis , SVG, Validation + Project "To Do List" layout initialize

Day 3 (CSS)

CSS, CSS Types, Selectors + Some basic properties like color, height, width, background, border, margin, padding, text properties + (Project :- style "to do list" with css)

Day 4 (Intermediate CSS)

Hover, Focus, Transform, Position, Transition, Pseudo Selectors + (Project :- Implement these properties in our project)

Day 5 (Intro to JS)

Variable, Function, Operators, Arrays, Loops, Objects, Events, Bind, Validation + (simple calculator app with js)

Day 6 (Bootstrap)

Flex, Grid, Media Query (Make responsive "To-Do list App")

Day 7-8 (Advance JS)

Promises , async await, Functional Programming, Modules, Closures and Prototypes.

Day 9 (Query and Doubts Clearing)

Day 10 (Intro to React)

Node, npm, create-react-app

Day 11 (work on "to-do list")

Convert "to-do list app" into react + break it in several components

Day 12 (Props, States and Hooks)

Props, Hooks, States, React events + Project (start sending props in our project)

Day 13 (List and Conditional Rendering )

Firebase connection + Project (complete our "to do list app")

Day 14 (React Form)

Formik, Yup + Project :- layout of Quiz app using tailwind

Day 15-16 (Completion Days of Quiz App)

Complete Quiz app

Day 17 (Redux)

Redux (Action, Reducers, Providers) + Project :- Chatting app overview using firebase

Day 18-19 (Complete Chatting Application)

Complete Chatting app

Day 20 (Query and Doubts Clearing)

Day 21 (Node.js)

Introduction to Node.js

Day 22 (Basics of node)

Lifecycle, Event, Loops, Create a node js server, node modules

Day 23 (Express.js)

What is as API?, Types, Request methods, Middleware

Day 24 (MVC)

Mongo DB

Day 25 (Project Initialization)

Project :- Streaming Service (backend using Mongo DB)

Day 26 (Project Frontend)

Project :- Streaming Service (Start Frontend Part)

Day 27-29 (Completion of Chatting App)

Integrating frontend and backend, creating API using express and complete the project in these days

Day 30 (Query and Doubts Clearing)

Day 31 (SQLi)

Intro to mysql, sqli

Day 32 (Authentication)

Session, Cookies, JWT

Day 33 (Creating Models for MySQLI)

Project E-commerce + Template modification

Day 34 (Products and Orders)

API creating

Day 35 (Products and Orders)

API Integration to frontend

Day 36 (User Authentication)

API creating and Integration

Day 37 (Cart and Payment)

API creating

Day 38 (Cart and Payment)

API Integration

Day 39 (Search)

API creation and Integration

Day 40 (Final Touch)

Final Touch and pagination

Day 41 (CI / CD)


Day 42-45 (Query and Doubts Clearing)


Pricing of Summer Training/Internship Program on

Full Stack Development
  • 45 Days Classroom Program
  • Career Counselling
  • 2 Major Projects
  • 3 Minor Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technologies that will be covered in Softpro India's "Summer Training/Internship Program"?

- Front End – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Tailwind, React Js
- Back End – Node Js
- Database – MySQL, MongoDB
- Tools Used – VS Code, Git, GitHub, Docker

Are there any projects included in the Softpro India's "Summer Training/Internship Program"?

Every trainee will build 5 Projects under the expert guidance of Softpro India’s Senior Software Engineer

What is the mode of delivery?

The program will be a classroom based 1 on 1 training with instructors available all the time . The classes will be conducted Mon - Fri 3 Hours per day at Softpro India’s Head Office located at Kapoorthala, Lucknow.

What is the duration of Softpro India’s “Summer Training/Internship Program”?

This is 45 days training program.

What is career support?

As a part of Softpro's Summer Training Program Career Support, every trainee will undergo ‘Soft Skill Training’ and ‘Interview Preparation’. You will be trained for
i. Personality Development
ii. Using Emails and Virtual Platforms (Google Meet/Zoom)
iii. MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel & MS PowerPoint Presentation)
iv. Using Job Portals (LinkedIn,,
v. CV/Resume Building
vi. Self-Introduction & Interview Behavior
vii. Common Interview Questions
viii. Mock Interview (HR & Technical)

What is the fee structure for Softpro India’s Summer Training/Internship Program”?

The fee for the training is ₹10,000 + 18% GST .